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first entry in anime + manga blog

June 26, 2006

Anywho, by now, most people know I like anime. For those who don’t, well then you must not know my name. 😛

Interested Genres: Action, Comedy, Horror, Suspense, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen-ai, Yaoi, Cooking

Recommendation of the day: Black Cat

Summary: A former assassin from the Organization Chronos turns traitor. He quits and becomes a sweeper (bounty hunter). Known as the most dangerous Chronos Number, he is now a simple bounty hunter working day to day to pay for the insanely large amounts of food he consumes (he doesn’t gain an ounce of weight either!). He is also out to get revenge against an old Chronos Number while working as a sweeper.

Episodes: Only 23 …or was it 24? Either one.

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