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Adding Oil to the Fire

October 1, 2006

GOD DAMN IT! I am practically growling and if you stare at my hard enough right now, you can probably see steam coming off the top of my head. I am THAT angry and pissed off right now.

Why is it parents can never seem to understand what it is I like and want to do? Well, my parents anyway. Would it KILL them to support me a little? Maybe it would! It sure seems it.

And not only that, why is it that they disagree with EVERYTHING I say? or believe for the matter?

And WHO the hell does my mother’s sister think she IS? She’s a total stranger! I have not seen or heard from her in eleven years! Does she think just because we’re related that she has the right to butt into arguments? I feel like ripping her head off and howling at the moon while her blood drips through my fingers. A little violent, yes, but I’m ranting.

Right now, I think even ripping them apart literally wont appease me. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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