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Things Happen…

May 9, 2007

Well, my uncle died at the ripe age of 92. He’s lived a long life and I had just attended his funeral last Friday. He passed away on April 27th, 2007. I was actually fairly close to him. He had practically raised me after all. =) I’ll miss him and I hope he’s comfortable and happy wherever he is now.

I had been patiently waiting for my copy of Final Fantasy XII to arrive to take my mind off some things and to keep from being bored when I was contacted via e-mail yesterday evening that the package had gotten LOST and was returned to the shipper. ARGH! So I was forced to reorder this morning. Hopefully, it will arrive in a few days. I have been waiting impatiently to play this game for the longest time! It is estimated to arrive between May 17th and May 31st. Let’s hope it actually gets here this time.

Oh yeah, I got a new phone last month. It’s a basic camera phone with no other functions. It’s decked out with crappy tunes and tasteless wallpaper too. Amazing huh? The great thing about the phone — and I mean it this time with no sarcasm — is the camera’s quality. It is extremely high quality and captures images crystal clear, which is awesome. I did not expect such a good camera on such a crappy basic phone. Well, surprises are always welcome — the good ones anyhow. My sister has a Razor V3. Its camera sucks. I have to constantly picture text her my own pictures. Well, it’s something to gloat about — something I do as often as possible to piss her off. Hahaha!

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