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Finally Released! And other crap

May 10, 2007

Mission Hogwarts Chapter Eight is finally released. Most readers are probably going to kill me for making it a cliffhanger though. Oh well! It was sixteen pages in length and my god, it feels like my brain is drained and my fingers dead. It took a week and a half to write. Meanwhile, my other stories have not seen updates in months or even years. I feel bad but this story is taking up a lot of my time and I really have no space left in my brain to fit the other stories into it. Ideas are flowing but only for Mission Hogwarts it seems.

Well, it’s about time I take a break for another day or two before I start writing Chapter Nine.

Hmm, speaking of writing, I just pre-ordered the 7th Installment of the Harry Potter series. I can’t wait until the book arrives on my doorstep. Yeah, I used to order it. Too lazy to actually take the Subway to Barnes and Nobles and ordering. Bah!

Oh, and I just figured out what the name of the flower I seem to love so much is called. It’s called a Spider Lily! Here’s a picture of it.Gorgeous lily isn’t it? It’s native to China and Japan which I already knew. It’s nice to finally know the name of this beautiful plant!

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