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Subways are troublesome…

May 11, 2007

I woke up at an ungodly hour (6:00AM) this morning to be dragged around Manhattan only to find out once we got to our destination that I didn’t have to be there! But before that, we merrily boarded the 7 Train and switched to the 3 Train only to find that it won’t be running the entire track because of some stupid investigation that was going on. I was wondering why there were cops everywhere. Still, I didn’t find out why an investigation was being conducted in the Subway.

Because the 3 Train wasn’t running through the entire track, we had to get on the 1 train that was conveniently on the other side at the moment. We got off at 125th Street…but on the opposite end of the street we were supposed to be on. So, we boarded a Public Bus (which made me queasy)… and got off at the West side of 125th street. Apparently, we were on the East side.

Yep, we showed our ID (I forgot to bring mine but security let me through anyway), got our passes, got on the elevator (which also made me sick), only to find that I didn’t need to be there as a translator!!!

Annoying much? Definitely!

Anyway, onto my graphics. I just made a avatar and signature set for my own personal use on forums. ^^ It’s really pretty!

Here, I’ll show it off. Oh, and clowangel is the username I usually use on the web. If you see a clowangel anywhere, it’s probably me.

Well, gotta get back to updating Otakara-Island’s wallpaper section with more wallpapers. It’s an anime related website for those who are curious. ^^

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