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May 12, 2007

Onii-chan and I were chatting about Ghost Hunt the anime when the touchy subject of killing and death came up. I was very sleepy by then so I don’t remember much of it but I get the feeling I probably said some things that made him raise an eyebrow or two. ^^;

I also remember randomly saying, “Killing people with axes is really messy…” Weapons had come up and we both agreed guns were really lame. Anyway, it was in a dream of mine. I had killed this big beefy guy who had his hands wrapped around my neck and lifting me off the ground. I remember not being able to breath, and his grip was really hurting me. I was also holding onto an axe so I raised my arm and tried to hack his arm off hoping he’d release my neck. Well, after several hacks, his arm did come off, and I eventually finished the job by taking his head off with the axe too. The entire process was painful and messy. The feeling of suffocating was horrible and the sticky blood all over my clothes and skin was also really disgusting. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel bad about killing someone. I think my immediate thoughts were, “DAMN HIM!” (mentally shouting at my in-dream partner who didn’t help me at all) and “Who’s my next target?” because the dream was like a hunting game.

Okay, whoever read this is probably feeling less than comfortable so I’ll stop here about my morbid and bloodthirsty dreams. ^_^

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