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BLEACH 125 by Dattebayo!

May 13, 2007

The last few episodes weren’t that bad but it wasn’t that interesting either. This episode, it was very predictable. Ichigo would of course win over Hollow Ichigo and then practically pass out from exhaustion. Bingo! It did happen!

What I found awesome was Ichigo Hollow form was about to fire off a Cero at ‘Love’. Too bad he didn’t get to fire it. >>; I wanted to see the Destructive power of a Cero. *sigh*

Each of the Vaizards are pretty interesting and their powers are intriguing. The many kekkai (shields) that the fat one put up were all very interesting in my mind. That chained pillar one was an especially high leveled one I remember. Too bad it broke. ^^;

Now, I’m just worried about Orihime. I actually like her character and the OP is making me nervous. -.-

Oh, and that last part of the episode about Karakura Town being the target for making that key, wasn’t it obvious? xD

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