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Naruto Shippuuden 013 by Dattebayo!

May 13, 2007

A little late to write what I thought of the episode now, but might as well anyway. I’ll post some screenshots too.

First of all, I can’t stop laughing at Maito Gai! He has the WORST memory ever! How can anyone forget a face like Kisame’s?! I certainly wouldn’t be able to! Not to mention, he met Kisame when he met Itachi! With a pair like that, it’s almost unforgettable, yet Gai manages it.

Oh, and his line, “Sou ka! Sono katana – sore ga omae no buki ka??” (I see! That katana – it’s your weapon, isn’t it!)

If I could face fault, I would have. I commend both Tenten and Neji for not having fallen over and into the water. And Neji’s line made me laugh all the harder, “Mireba wakaru.” (You can tell just by looking.)

Anyway, onto Kakashi Team (plus one old hag) vs. Uchiha Itachi — or not quite so vs. because Itachi just STOOD there while they discussed his eyes. This really isn’t very normal in Naruto in my opinion. Not many enemies just stood there. I guess Itachi has the patience of a rock. During that entire conversation, I was staring at Itachi and ignoring Kakashi’s speech because I already knew about it, waiting and hoping, he’d make a move and just attack. I wanted some action! Only until the end of the episode did Itachi move (sort of). I couldn’t tell if he actually did move or not because it was a genjutsu.

Overall, it was an amusing and somewhat action-packed episode. Let’s see some real action the next episode. ^^

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