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BLEACH 126 + 127 & Naruto 14 +15 Reviews

June 1, 2007

BLEACH 126 + 127:

126: I knew Hinamori was going to be like this. The manga kind of spoiled it for me, but seeing it animated makes me kind of wish harm on Hinamori. She’s so brainwashed. Argh. Another thing, I’m very glad Chad is finally getting stronger. Yay! Go Chad! He’s an awesome character that’s often shadowed by Ichigo’s outrageous personality. This episode made me love Orihime more. She’s climbing up my Favorite Characters List rather steadily. She’s very amazing for a human. Her abilities if refined would be amazing.

127: Urahara totally pissed me off! The way he said it was just so ARGH! I understand that on the frontlines, Orihime would just get in the way without Tsubaki, but she could still be of aid in healing and shielding. Yes, the Arrancar know about her shielding abilities, but still! GRRR!!! Anyway, Hachi was very kind. I’m glad Orihime’s cheered up a bit. Aizen though, is one creepy fuck.

This scene was so funny.

Naruto 14 + 15: Since the episodes were basically focused on one thing, I won’t go seperating everything. A lot of people found it took a long time, but I think it’s a good thing for the battles to be so drawn out. After all, there were two battles taking place at the same time. Gai was admittedly very cool when he beat ‘Kisame’. Naruto was one hell of a powerhouse. o.o; I mean, I knew he was ridiculously powerful what with his enormous chakra reserves but wow. I didn’t even think he had it in him to attack ‘Itachi’. I’m in the middle of downloading episode 16 right now. I’ll make a new post later after I finish watching it.

Oh, and no pictures, sorry. I kind of delete Naruto episodes after I watch them and I forgot to take screenshots before deleting them. My younger sister stores all the Naruto episodes and I store all the BLEACH.

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