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Naruto Shippuuden 16

June 1, 2007

Did that guy Zetsu EAT him? *stares at the last scene with morbid fascination* All these Akatsuki members are bonkers. Itachi seems the most sane out of them all, and that’s not much comfort.

Anyhow, it seems Sakura finally knows some truth to the Jinchuuriki. It’s very sad. Every time, the shots with Gaara having Shuukaku taken out of him show up, I feel grief well up inside me… Everything bad always happens to Gaara, like Naruto said and I can’t help but agree. Why him? I know it’s animated but this anime pulls at my heart strings. I can’t even bear to to put up any images because I keep thinking of Gaara. -_- Naruto, please save him soon!

Back to the episode, it didn’t have any action although that mechanical bird thing Chiyo-baa-sama summoned was kind of cute. Interesting jutsu. The entire episode was alright, but the no action kind of makes me frown. Naruto and Gai are both less than 100% now due to their jutsu. Kakashi is also a little scratched. Sakura hasn’t done a thing so far. At least Chiyo-baa-sama sent a message.

Neji, Tenten, and Lee will probably have to take a rest soon too because Gai is out of commission for the time being. I must say I’m amazed at Neji and Tenten’s growth. After all, Neji is the only one to attain the rank Jounin! Kyaaa~!! I’m a huge Neji fan girl. Rawr. I haven’t seen Lee do much other than his normal Taijutsu but meh…

I’ve also been wondering something. If anyone can give me a plausible answer, I’ll give you a cookie. ^-^

How can Lee stand on the water like he did in the previous episodes? Isn’t he unable to use chakra?

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