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Synopsis: Skip Beat

June 3, 2007

Since Chrysalis requested it, I’m writing a small synopsis that’s in more detail than my previous one. This one is for you, Chrysalis!

I assume this is Vol 01’s Cover. Although it looks
more like a magazine.

Mogami Kyoko is a plain ordinary girl who wishes nothing more than to be useful to her prince in shining armor Fuwa Shoutaro (Shou) whose dream was to become a rock star. Unfortunately, he’s a cruel man and casts her aside once she’s of no use to him, having realized his dreams and stole the number one spot on the Oricon Charts with his debut single. Shamed and angered, she swears vengeance upon him. The once kind, innocent, and pure Kyoko is no more. In place of her past self is one driven with determination and revenge.

There is one man in the show business that Fuwa Shoutaro hates more than anyone. That person is Tsuruga Ren, a very successful and popular actor. Kyoko in her haste to become climb up in the show business in hopes of beating Shou and making him regret throwing her aside, meets Ren who deeply disapproves of her reasoning for entering the show business. In fact, he starts hating her. However, she is determined to not let it phase her.

However, their relationship of hatred soon changes as certain memories are revealed and slowly but surely, they become friends. Still, memories from the past come back to haunt Ren. He refuses to take any further steps in pursuing Kyoko, determined to remain just friends and coworkers.

Kyoko on the other hand is also determined not to fall in love again. Her past experience with Shou has left a bad taste in her mouth when it concerns love. She refuses to be shaken by such an emotion, instead she hopes to make something of herself. Everything she has done in the past was for Shou. This time, she strives to do something for herself for once in hopes of creating a brand new Kyoko.

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