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June 4, 2007
“What would I say to myself if I could write to my 12-year-old self?”

To my 12-year-old self Elena,

You’d probably like to think of this as some kind of sick practical joke, but unfortunately or fortunately depending on your mental state right now, it’s not. It’s you, the future you. You’ve reached the age of 20! Even have a cute little dog.

Let me tell you, growing up has not been easy sometimes. I miss being you although from what I remember, being you wasn’t easy either. Did you know? You will enter college but leave for a year because you’re changing your major to Graphic Design. You’re going to be a whiz at Photoshopping! You must’ve already known that though. I’ve always been self-confident about my skills. Added to graphical skills, your drawing and writing skills have shot up also. Aren’t you proud? You’re probably gloating as much as I am.

There are a load of things you’re probably not expecting. Like getting a job or breaking up with him. I remember thinking it’d last forever. How naive. You’ll grow even wiser than you are now. Trust me. After all, I’m the future you, Elena.

In college, the first year, you’ll meet a dorky little blondie whose going to be your room mate for the summer. She’s a total klutz, a true to heart blonde, but she’ll be a friend for life. You’ll also meet a strange crackhead of a emo girl. Another friend for life. You’ll also witness more drama than any soap opera. It’s hilarious.

Oh, and time didn’t change our sense of humor at all. It only got worse. xD Still morbid.

Remember that fanfic you wrote? OoL? Well, it’s gone. I deleted it. It’s not worth leaving up anymore. What’s gone is gone. It’ll serve as a way to sever any ties to the past.

Well, there’s a lot more I want to tell you, but let’s leave it as a surprise for when you finally reach 20. Just be assured that your manipulative mind has not changed the least.

PS: I did the unthinkable. I cut my hair! Just past my shoulder. I’m sure you would’ve screamed your pretty little head off.

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