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More Graphics & A Wallpaper! (and being lazy)

June 6, 2007

I’ve been sooo lazy about updating my stories… I’m surprised my readers haven’t flamed me to death yet. I should really finished Chapter 10 and post it tonight. -_-; They’re probably waiting for the chapter. Argh… Well, I’m aiming for 20,000 hits on my story. So far, I’m about halfway there! I have 11,809 hits as of right now!

So far, the stats are as follows:
Chapter 01 – 4,113
Chapter 02 – 1402
Chapter 03 – 1311
Chapter 04 – 1087
Filler Chap. – 751
Chapter 05 – 707
Chapter 06 – 645
Chapter 07 – 663
Chapter 08 – 651
Chapter 09 – 479

Pretty amazing, huh? I’m so proud of myself!

Anyway, I’ve been making more graphics… and yes, they’re all requests I fulfilled. Both are avatar*siggy sets.

Oh, and this is the wallpaper I made. ^^ Just click the thumbnail below and it’ll take you to the full size! Oh, anyone can use this wallpaper. Just make sure you don’t claim it as your own or I’ll hunt you down and make sure you die a painfully slow death!


Feel free to comment and critique!
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