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My Computer’s Monitor got busted!

June 22, 2007

Yeah, my computer’s monitor kinda died. That’s why I haven’t posted anything in days. My sister is out of the house today so I found some time to post this (I’m using her computer). x.x; I probably won’t be updating my blogs for a while until my new monitor gets delivered to my doorstep. >>;

…which I should’ve done from the beginning if it weren’t for my mother telling me I should go out and buy one instead. When I came home, she told me to go again the next day and I refused. The walk is a long one! Y’know, she had actually intended to come with me to get the new monitor until she heard I was going to Staples. She said she hated that walk uphill and left me to go by myself. T_T;

I get home and she tells me to go again? Psshhh… I told her, “You didn’t want to go either, complaining about the long walk! I’m not going again.”

She had nothing to say after that.

Jess, YES, I got a job! I go to orientation on the 2nd of July. Oh, and I’ll be working in the Nursing Administration Department of a Hospital. I’ll mainly be doing computer work and receiving calls. There was only one spot available for that Dept and I took it. I couldn’t believe how many people were computer illiterate! Muahahaha…!

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