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Very tempted to log…

September 12, 2007

…just how many times my mother and I fight. I’m sure I’ll fill up an entire notebook within a month. It’s ridiculous really, but it can’t be stopped it seems.

And no, my internet is still not back. *sigh* Lynn is probably getting a bit antsy about my extended internet loss. ><; Bah, I wouldn’t blame her. After all, without me, there are no new wallpapers added nor are there any new music added. Lots of NO UPDATES! No one knows what I’m talking about, I bet.

This is what I’m talking about: Otakara-Island <– A site I’m staff on…in which I try and keep the Wallpaper and Music Section alive.

Oh, I’ve also started going on MS (MapleStory) after a long hiatus. I only log on for thirty minutes or so before I log off again. Heh… It’s a good distraction from boredom. My main character is on the world BROA, and is a level 51 Cleric. Her name is Ilenuia. If anyone plays, feel free to add her as a friend. I also have an Assassin…whose character name I forgot. *cough* Oops!

And, lookie! I changed my layout…again. o.o; Made a new banner to match also. ^^ Below is the original banner… with the bottom two corners curved… since you know, where the banner goes on top of the page is curved…but no matter how large I make the banner, it strinks it so the curved part is..blahhed.. Annoying. Oh, and also, originally, the banner wasn’t a shade of blue but orange-red. You know, might as well post both.

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