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Fanfiction: Bridal Deception

September 30, 2007

None of you guys would know about this because it’s a fairly new fanfiction I’m in the process of writing. It’s another many-chaptered fanfic. This time, it’s a Naruto one. I’ve always wanted to write a Naruto Shounen-ai/Yaoi so I finally am! Yay!

(For those of you who know nothing about fanfiction or anime and manga, stay away because Shounen-ai means Male/Male love and Yaoi is Male/Male sexual content.)

The pairing will be NejiNaruNeji. That’s right, none of the two are going to be the ultimate seme. I don’t like how people seem to portray either of them as uke because I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. They’re both strong and dominant people. How do you expect such people to be a compliant little uke? You may argue Neji looks a little more feminine because of his hair, but does his facial structure look feminine to you? Seriously, man. He’s OBVIOUSLY a guy no matter HOW you look at him. Now, Haku on the other hand is DEFINITELY an effeminate male. So basically, what I’m trying to say again is in my story Bridal Deception, Naruto and Neji are going to ‘take turns’ if you understand what I mean.

Well, the general plot and concept of the story has probably been seen and used many times over but I like it anyway. It’s not exactly your traditional love story, but it’s got the romance, a little bit of angst, drama, comedy, etc etc etc…

Anyway, this is how the story goes…

Hiashi-sama (Neji’s uncle) wants to engage Hinata to Neji. He’s seen how the two’s relationship has gotten better and thinks it’s a good idea for them to tie the knot. It also benefits the clan to have the strongest of the younger generation and the Main House heiress to marry. Neji definitely does not want to get married to Hinata. They were cousins! Their fathers were brothers! It was wrong on so many levels. How could he possibly marry someone he thought of as a younger sister? So Neji said he was attached and quickly ran out of the room in a moment of uncharacteristic display of panic. Now, there lies the problem. He wasn’t attached. He has never so much as gone on a date before. The life of a shinobi was always first on his list of priorities. So, now what? Well, obviously Naruto comes to the rescue.

Anyway, so far I’ve written two chapters. It’s getting a lot of hits and there are 32 reviews. Not bad for a new story. =) Chapter One has 485 hits and chapter two has 138 hits.

One thing I’d like to apologize for is the short length of each chapter. They’re each only about 2600 words. I know it’s not much but this is one fanfic I’m writing for the pure fun-ness of it. I love writing it. So there are points in which I feel is the perfect time to stop the chapter. Don’t kill me for it!

You might argue Mission Hogwarts isn’t like that but that fanfiction is a different story. It’s a challenge to myself to write a crossover like that one. For MH, I prefer writing longer chapters because it takes forever to get to the point. ^^; There’s so much going on in it.

Note: Mission Hogwarts is also a shounen-ai.

Click HERE to read Bridal Deception.
Click HERE to read Mission Hogwarts

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