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Times Square! Union Square! …Lots of squares, huh?

October 30, 2007

I live in the New York Metro area if no one knows. On Sunday, I hung out with three friends from college; Jess (Blogger: Jessica), Steve, and Frank. We haven’t seen Frank in a year, so it was a happy happy reunion. We hung around the Manhattan area until 12 midnight before parting ways and going home. The two guys live in Long Island so it was a bit far for them. Jess and I live in Queens. ^^;

(Left is Frank, Right is Steve)

Anyway, we chilled out at Starbucks, took some pictures, had dinner. I scared little children at the fanciest Duane Reade I’ve ever been to (Jess missed that…she was somewhere browsing some aisles), and Jess scared us with her off-key singing at the Subway Station. It was so much fun! I felt like a teenager all over again. Haha! We joked, laughed, talked and made fun of each other (loudly). In fact, I think lots of people were staring at our small rowdy group.

Most of the evening though, Jess was glued to Steve. XD Too bad I don’t have a picture of that. Jess was the only one who brought a camera with her. I left mine at home. Poo…

Oh, on the way back home, on a 7 train, we saw the strangest thing. I’ve heard of falling asleep in a subway car. C’mon, we’ve all done it, but certainly not like this:

It was ridiculous! Everyone was minding their own business and chatting or simply staring into space when there was a sudden plop noise, and everyone looks over and sees that. How drunk can someone get? When he finally left and was walking down a flight of stairs, several of us looked out the car windows waiting for him to trip and fall down the stairs.

Yep, that’s the end of that day.

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