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La Corda D’Oro ~primmo passo~

November 20, 2007

Genre: Music, High School, Romance
Hino Kahoko is a normal ‘General Student’ at her high school. The school is split between the General Students and the Music Students. I think that’s self-explanatory there, so I won’t go into details. Anyway, every few years, the school holds the concours in which several Music Students compete. There are a total of four performances. Hino Kahoko is coerced into participating in the concours thanks to a mischievous little fairy named Lily. The fairy gave her a magical violin, and Kahoko reluctantly agreed. Bewildered and completely new to this musical world and surrounded by amazingly talented Music Students, what’s she to do?

I loved this anime from the very beginning. It makes me want to play the game. As soon as I get the PS3, I am so getting this shipped to me from Japan. >>;

It’s such a sweet anime although it is filled with typical characters. There’s the stoic one, awkward one, shy one, outgoing one, cunning one, etc etc etc… but it makes for a very entertaining show. Moreover, this time I’m ‘okay’ with the heroine. I usually hate the heroines of anime because they’re all the same. Bah!

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