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Some tunes…!

March 5, 2008

It’s been ages since I added any new recordings to the Music page. These four are a mix of old and new recordings. I think I need a better microphone. *pout* Anytime I hit some higher notes, the microphone goes fuzzy.

Yume no Tsubasa [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle]
Details: This was done a long time ago, so it doesn’t sound as great to my ears anymore, but it’s still not that bad.

Love Chronicle [Full Moon wo Sagashite]
Details: Alright, this is sung in acapella. That’s right. There’s no background music.

Red Shoe Sunday [Ranma 1/2]
Details: Don’t take this recording seriously. It was done entirely for fun although it took a really long time. For those who know this song, you’ll know that five different girls sing it. ~~; I tried acting out all five of them in different voices. It was tough work and very confusing. The chorus is also a mess, but I think I pulled off the different voices really well.

Aoi Kioku [Card Captor Sakura]
Details: This was such a beautiful song by the character Kaho. I just couldn’t help but sing it. Although, this one too is in acapella. >>;

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