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Woah… Speedy!

March 5, 2008

My internet connection has always been mediocre — not fast, but it wasn’t slow either. The average kbps was 95-100. Today, I just realized the speed more than tripled going at an average of 340kbps. Now that’s amazing. In fact, I just realized this fact a few minutes ago. I’m completely shocked. I asked my mother if she made any changes in the Verizon DSL plan, but she said no. I hope this speed stays.

But I’m also curious about what could cause the sudden hike in speed. Does anyone know? I’m no tech savvy expert so I don’t really know much about internet connections. I’m also sure we didn’t do anything with the lines and wires. The only thing I did last night was a Disk Check and Defragmenting of the C and D drives. But I don’t think that would affect internet speed.

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