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zOMFG! It’s… alien BABIES!

March 9, 2008

Alright, so I haven’t actually created alien babies, but in The Sims 2, it’s very possible to have your own little green alien baby. How? Get abducted by aliens. You’ll come back in a few days very pregnant–whether you’re male or female. Hahaha! With such interesting new features, The Sims 2 has been a blast to play. Every night for the past week or two, Jess (blogger: Fish’s Philosophy) and I have been playing the game as if possessed.

This image is not mine. I found it on Google.

Even without me explaining the game, you’ve probably heard of the first game. It’s the same basic ideas. You raise a sim (or more) and basically, you’re the god. You control their every move (if you feel like it). You can also sit back and do nothing and watch what they do. They’ll probably end up burning the house down though.

Other than being a god/goddess in the game, you can also build their homes as well as the community lots. Here’s the first floor of a huge mansion I built for my sim family of one. Haha. Yeah, she’s living all alone in this huge house.


I made a huge mistake when making her though. I’ve never made a Pleasure sim before and well, now I need to let her have 50 dream dates to fulfill her lifetime want. @_@ MY GOD! FIFTY!

Meanwhile, Jess is just caring for her alien children… And for some reason, after she had her alien daughter, the game won’t let her save. O_O; And before that, last week, she had a midget living in a lot that was supposed to be empty. What a glitchy game she has.

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