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Been ages, I know…

November 13, 2008

Finally I decide to write something again. πŸ˜› Today was a bit of an adventure–it’s why I decided to suddenly spring up and actually put something on this old thing.

Like any other day, I woke up to the annoying shrilly beeping of my alarm clock. I reached over with my eyes firmly screwed shut, already knowing where my alarm clock was by heart and hastily pushed the small snooze button. This happened three more times before I finally decided to get up. I flipped the covers off me with a flourish and steadily got onto my feet. After I performed my morning ritual, I sat at my computer for some quick surfing before grabbing my things and rushing out the door…

…Only to rush back in because I forgot my folder. Okay, then I really rushed out the door.

I walked around the block to the subway station only to find that there were no local 7 trains to Flushing. Well, fuck you MTA. I walked down the flight of stairs and up another to the other side for the local 7 train to Manhattan. After a bit of waiting, I realized I would be late to Math class. Well, maybe I’ll make it anyway? I decided to continue waiting. Skipping all the waiting scenes, when I finally reached Flushing, I realized I wouldn’t make it to math class. Soooo, scew it. I had a small brunch instead. I prepared to leave for school again, since I still had Chemistry Lab today, only to realize I forgot my damn egg!

Yes, an egg. Why an egg you ask? Because Professor Karimi told us to bring one. We needed to use the egg white as a binder for the paints we created in the previous class. Well, shit. So, I went back home with the intention of picking up an egg and going back to campus. But when I reached my house and entered my room, I lost all will to return to campus. So I plopped into my chair at the computer desk and fired up the PC.

Not a moment later, two of my friends, who also have the lab with me, called one after the other.

“Elena, where are you?!”

“At home.”


“I forgot my stupid egg.”

That’s right. That was my reason. And when I thought about it–at around noon, the bus would be crowded. Who wanted to ride on a bus where you’d likely be shoved around with a fragile egg in your purse?! So I told them that if they wanted me to be at lab so badly, they’d have to pick me up from Flushing. Otherwise there’s no way I’d go. Surprisingly enough, they said they’d pick me up.

I suppose it’s normal for them to want me there. I do help them out and give them tips during the chemical procedures. Although I don’t do much for my own experiments because the professor tends to do half if not all of it for me most of the time. He always uses my materials for demonstrations. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but it’d be nice to actually fully do an experiment on my own for once. >>;

Anyway, we arrived at campus with ten minutes to spare. Β It was close but we made it! I was even in a good enough mood to give my two friends eggs of their own. And like I said before, the professor has a habit of using my materials for a demonstration. As a result, the difficult part of my experiment was completed entirely by him. I only did the easy part…

Well, that’s all for today’s post. πŸ˜› Who knows when I’ll write again? Oh, here’s a picture I took while standing at the Junction Boulevard Subway Station. Yeah, crappy image quality since I took it with my camera phone, but I tried my best to fix it up on Photoshop. ^^;


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