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Whoot, it’s been a while!

January 20, 2009

Last semester ended a bit shakily thanks to my health failing on me — I had to catch a cold during Finals week. Let’s just say sitting through those exams were exhausting. I couldn’t think worth beans. My concentration was shot. Miraculously, I managed to get all A’s when I checked my final results and GPA! Yes, I have a 4.0 GPA, and I hope to keep it that way. I thought for sure I might’ve gotten an A- or B+ because I arrived an hour late for my chemistry final. Something doesn’t add up though. I swear I missed at least 15 math classes. Ah well, not complaining though. Heehee.

Next semester will be both a blessing and a killer (Tuesdays only though). It’ll be a blessing because I have no classes on Mondays or Thursdays. The killer? I have class from 10AM – 6PM on Tuesdays. Straight. That’s right. I have no breaks. ^^; That’s the sacrifice I need to make if I wanted to have two days free.

School life aside, everything’s been pretty much monotone — a straight line so to speak. Nothing new happening, and I doubt anything is about to change. The weather’s been beautiful lately though. New York City’s been getting a lot of snow this winter, strangely enough. But it’s gorgeous outside. The ground is pure white most days and the sky either a mild gray or sky blue. In the middle of the night, it’s eerily beautiful–the snow sparkling and gleaming under the street lights littering the sidewalks. The snow practically glows.

Hmm, what else. I’ve been rather uninspired too. No new graphics and no new stories. It’s quite sad. I have attempted to write new chapters for my current on-going fics and even something for an original piece, but that fire quickly burned out. And any new graphics I’ve turned out aren’t worth looking at. *sigh*

I hope this upcoming semester will be a bit more exciting. Then again, I’m not the type to make new friends or even speak to people so I don’t know how exciting it can get. Heh… Talk about antisocial huh? Well if not exciting, I’m hoping it will be more challenging. I have to admit Chemistry is one of my worst subjects. To get an A in that class was pretty amazing. And I pulled it off so easily. I didn’t pick up my textbook at all after the first two weeks of lecture. Rather, I didn’t touch any textbook after those first two weeks.

Well, let’s see what life throws my way, if anything at all. I doubt it will though. I’m almost hoping for drama. You know how sad that is? Nothing has changed in my life for almost a decade in my short life. My friends tell me I’m lucky. I don’t see how I am. It’s absolutely boring. The way I see it, they have things going on; lovers, work, school troubles, family, and general relationship problems. Me? Erm…Nothing. I have no ups and downs. Blahhh. Nothing’s keeping me on my toes.

You know, I think I’m actually starting to get lonely. Ah well. Nothing I could really do about it. I’m not about to subject anyone to the terror that is me.

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