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Preview of Mission Hogwarts Chapter 14

March 3, 2009

Yup, the next chapter is well on its way to completion. Finally. I always seem to get hit by the lazy bug, don’t I? Anyway, here’s the preview!


“Like that one over there,” she said. She turned and crossed her arms, cocking her head to the side. A lizard-like demon in yet another human disguise had followed them and blocked the exit with his bulky build. Harry immediately drew his wand and shakily pointed it at the demon who looked at the wand once before dismissing it and in fact almost looked amused by it. Although, he wore a human shell, the demon’s image overlapped it and Harry could clearly see the demon’s scales gleaming under the sunlight. The lizard’s reptilian yellow eyes glowed eerily as they landed on Harry.

“What’s a wizard doin’ here?” the demon spat the word like it was something extremely vile. “Your kind has no place here!”


“What did you say?” Harry’s eyes were unbelievably wide as he asked that question. “You’re…kidding right?”


“As I was saying,” Kurama continued, “we want you to remain in Japan for the next school term as well.


“I guess not.” He watched as a demon in human disguise (although he could clearly see the horns sprouting from its forehead) as he conversed with a human woman about how stupid their boss was.


And that’s all for the preview. ^-^

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