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Been sick…

March 23, 2009

Blegh. I’ve been sick with the cold for the past week or so, and it hasn’t been fun. -_-; Instead, I sat at home folding origami. And sneezing and coughing too. I also found out that when I ask my mother buy any kind of drink, she’ll instead bring home orange juice. I say, “Hey mom can ya get me some Sprite?” and she’ll come home with a carton of OJ. Why? WellI didn’t know, so I asked! Stupid of me for asking because she answered with a lame, “It’s more expensive.” I guess in her mind, more expensive equals better. Under normal circumstances, I agree OJ would have been a better choice of beverage, but I was COUGHING with a very SORE throat. OJ is citric ACID. It BURNED! A hell of a lot! Two days later, she brings home Sprite.

Anyway as I said, I’ve been busy folding origami. I learned to fold a new flower using five pieces of paper! And I glued the flowers together using a hot glue gun to form a kind of ball. I’ll post a picture tomorrow or something because I can’t find my camera right now. Or rather it’s sitting on my dresser, but I don’t feel like getting up and getting it. >>; So yeah, pictures tomorrow. I’m also in the middle of making another flower ball since my aunt saw mine and wanted one of her own — a pink one at that. Thankfully, I hate pink so this’ll use up most of my pink paper.

And here are the pictures as promised:

You know, computers can be a real pain in the ass. I suppose I had installed and uninstalled too many programs or something because suddenly my registry was really effed up; I kept getting BSODs. It was so bad that I couldn’t stay logged in for more than five minutes without the computer BSODing the shit out of me. I couldn’t really back up anything either, so I lost a whole crapload of stuff when I performed an emergency system recovery. Unfortunately, that didn’t fix the problem. I guess I had to completely reformat the harddrive in order to get rid of it. You know, at this time I just assumed that the registry was the problem. So before my computer could BSOD too many times after the recovery, I downloaded CCleaner and whala! The computer has been cured of BSODs! Thank god I assumed right, and it really was the registry screwing me over. >>; I don’t know what would have happened if I was a total tech noob. Probably assumed my computer was posessed by crazy viruses that couldn’t be cured and then throw away several hundred dollars at a computer technician so he or she could fix it up. >>; Or worse yet, dump my computer in the trash! Something I can’t afford to do since this thing is brand spanking new — not even a month old yet. Plus, it’s an HP TouchSmart.

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