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Shopping for Bird Seed

March 23, 2009

Most don’t know this, but I have two birds. One of them is a pigeon named Blanca (she’s black in color, not white) who just reached adulthood late last year. How’d I know? She laid an egg. And then laid 14 more. She’s a sweetheart and an attention whore. I can really do anything I want with her because she’s so used to me. I could take one of her wings and spread them out. I can hold her and flip her upside down. She really couldn’t care less. Of course if anyone else approaches her, she flips out and flees. Or if she feels cornered, she’ll attack. She almost drowned herself in the showers when I first got her by following me into the bathroom. I didn’t notice her until I heard her shake herself.

My other bird is a budgie or more commonly known as a parakeet. He’s untrained and quite afraid of humans. Nothing really special about him. He’s white and blue and a complete coward, but oh-so-cute.

So anyway I went out to get them bird feed since I had run out. I feed Blanca other things, but the budgie won’t eat anything but seeds. When I got there, they told me they wouldn’t accept credit card for anything less than $15. Well, that’s too bad. I didn’t bring cash with me since I was so used to using credit for everything. I shrugged and said I’d come back in a few minutes with cash. The store clerk said not to mind and that I could bring him the money tomorrow. I stared at him strangely, not sure if I heard right as he shoved the bag of bird feed into my hand. I actually asked him to repeat himself a few times over. I snapped out of shock and said I couldn’t do that and that I’d be back in a few minutes again. He insisted it was alright. I quickly fled saying over my shoulder that I’d be back in a few minutes.

I went to the hardware store next door to get myself some screw eyes for an art project. Then went to the ATM at the supermarket across the street. Yes! Cash! And went back to the pet store for the bird feed.

Frankly, who actually offers their customers products without asking for money right away? He doesn’t know me. I could have left and never come back with his money! *shakes head* Strange people. I guess it really does take all kinds.

I mentioned Blanca laid eggs correct? Here’s a picture I took. In the small bowl lays a chicken egg and Blanca’s pigeon egg. You can see the size difference immediately. Her eggs are really kinda cute.

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