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Story Revival: Obstacles of Love

April 27, 2009

It has a really lame name, I know, but that was my first story ever, and it was written in the year 2000. That’s nine years ago, nine! Imagine that. Nine years since I first started writing. Wow, time flies. I had intended for the story to just slowly die like how my passion for the Card Captor Sakura series died. However, a fan of the story “Sarah Zitter” e-mailed me earlier this month asking me if I would continue the story. I was hesitant for obvious reasons. One, my passion for the Card Captor Sakura series has dwindled. Two, I’m not very fond of Sakura the main character. Three, it’s an old story — I can’t really remember the plot of it anymore.  But after exchanging a few e-mails, I decided, why not? I’ll continue it and hopefully finish it. After all, it was my first story ever; my first step into the world of fanfiction. It at least deserves a revamp and a conclusion. I don’t know how this will affect my update schedule for my current fanfictions, but I can almost guarantee that updates will be fewer.

So anyway, I skimmed through the six chapters I had written all those eons ago, and boy was it disgusting. I mean, I don’t write extremely well now, but my gods did I suck back then! It was total garbage. So I told “Sarah Zitter” that I’d put up the revised chapters and future new chapters on Fanfiction.Net and to expect a complete overhaul in the writing and some plot improvements. This is gonna be some work.

And on a less stressful note, I’ve completed yet another sig for someone on VK Forum. The characters are from La Corda d’Oro the animated series. I also adore this series, so I was pretty happy working with these images. Len, Tsuchiura, and Kahoko! I think this one came out rather differently than my others, but it’s so…peaceful and warm. It makes me smile.

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