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Commission Here

Commissions/Requests are to be made on this page via comments. I will make you a signature, set or banner if you follow the rules I’ve laid out and fill out the form.


  1. You must provide the images for the graphics you want. The graphics also must be High Quality images. Screenshots are only acceptable if they are High Definition screenshots.
  2. Give me at least a week to accept and/or fulfill your request. I do have a life.
  3. I will not accept any requests that contain nudity in them.
  4. Do not be rude. If I reject a request or don’t have time, then too bad. I’m doing this using my own time, and it isn’t as if you’re paying me to do any of this.
  5. You are allowed to request one type of graphics at a time. The only exception is a set.

Request Form: Almost every single line is optional, except for what I label as REQUIRED.

Graphic: [ie: sig, set, avatar, banner]
Signature Size/Dimensions: [ie: 500×200, 320×100, etc.]
Image(s): REQUIRED
Text: [Keep this at a reasonable length]
Subtext: [Keep this at a reasonable length]
Extra: [Give me any extra details of what you’d like your graphic to look like.]

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